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History of Polo

Polo in Argentina
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History of Polo :

The name POLO comes from a Tibetan word "pulu", the root from wich that ball was made.

Some people believe Polo was first played during the T’ang dynasty in China, whilst others are of the opinion that the roots of this sport lie in Persia. However, both agree that both Chinese and Persians adopted the game from the Mongols, a race of centaurs.

Historical references to this sport appear in the chronicles of the Chinese court corresponding to the 6th century onwards. It was a sport played by kings. 

The essence of the game has not changed in 2.000 years, and it still requires the combination of rider, horse, mallet and ball. The Britannic Encyclopedia considers that "Polo, a stick-and-ball game played on horseback, is the oldest of all equestrian sports."

Polo can be considered the predecessor of modern games such as hockey, golf and cricket, with the difference that these sports are played on foot.

James Gordon Bennett introduced the sport to America in 1876

In 1887 Argentine polo begins at Mr.Shennan¨s "estancia"

During 1890 the United State Polo Association established.

1922 : Argentine polo players make a twenty-thousand mile journey to establish their dominance of the polo world.

POLO in Argentina : 

In Argentina they start playing polo in 1887 at Mr.Shennan¨s "estancia"

Argentina is the only country in the world that has had teams with 40 goal rating, the highest handicap rating possible. This reaffirms the mastery of Argentina in international polo.

Since 1928, the Argentine Polo Association has enjoyed the use of the Palermo polo fields. These grounds, a luxury and "the mecca of international polo", as they are sometimes referred to, are a matter of pride for us Argentines.

Located in the middle of the city, the Palermo grounds have two polo fields with a capacity for 30.000 spectators.

The interest this sport arouses is evidenced in the movement of charter flights that arrive in Argentina attracted by the prestige of Argentine players and the unquestioned quality of their horses. There is a complete understanding between the rider and his mount. The player’s hitting ability is supplemented by the docility of the horse, its immediate reaction to its rider’s commands, and particularly, the speed of these outstanding horses bred in Argentina.

Because of its history and its present, because of its players and horses, because of Palermo and the polo clubs, polo is undoubtedly one of the great attractions Argentina has to offer its visitors.

Join this world, learn how to play the sport, practice the game and watch the best polo in the world.

There are some other points of interest for the tourist in Argentina. For the mountain lovers, the Andes, with their main attractions in Bariloche, San Martin de los Andes and Mendoza; in the north of the country there is one of the most magnificent falls in the world, Iguazu’s falls; in the province of Chubut you can see whales, penguins and others. For more information you can visit the web page of the Argentina Tourism Secretary .

RIO SALADO" Polo School  

In a 2,000 acres farm, call "La Chiquita" located approximately 80 miles southwest from Buenos Aires, Capital city of Argentina . The farm was purchased by the Piñeiro family as an addition to "Los Olivos", a farm that has been part of the Piñeiro family for more than 50 years.

"La Chiquita" is a working farm, partially dedicated to livestock and other forms of agribusiness. Under the administration of Matías Piñeiro, the farm’s principal activity is the breeding and training of professional polo horses. 

In 1995, Matías Piñeiro, opened the "Rio Salado" Polo School. He began playing polo at the age of 12 , and has played professionally for the last 10 years , in tournaments in Argentina, United States and Canada,

The Polo School is designed to give basic and intermediate instruction in horsemanship, fundamental playing skills, as well as the strategy and dynamics of polo game.

This successful personalized program introduces the polo experience to all rider level.

In a year-round grass polo field program with specially selected polo horses to assure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Package :

Lessons at the "Rio Salado" Polo School can be easily incorporated into vacation to the South America countries.

Polo players from around the world are invited to come and spend one intensive week involving.

Special clinics for FEMALE players ! !

An extended stay at "Rio Salado" will provide a more intensive experience in the game of polo. While the "Rio Salado" will try to accommodate the schedule of vacation travelers, some suggested packages are listed below.


Departure on saturday morning from Buenos Aires.

Personalized clinic by Matías


Practice in striking.

Tea time.

Horseback tour over the cattle-ranch

Lodging at the "estancia" in a double bed occupancy with private bath.



Special teaching techniques

"Asado" typical ArgentinianB.B.Q.

Play "chukker" with special invited argentinian team.

Tea time

Return to Buenos Aires

7-10 days program :

Daily intensive,private polo lessons

All equipment available

Full accommodation and meals for the week

Specially selected polo horses

Chukkers on weekends


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